Answers to the most common questions about AllTogether.Live

What is a virtual audience platform?

AllTogether.Live is a virtual audience platform. It allows individuals to join an event remotely with their web camera and microphone to watch and interact with a live event as though they are sat in the room itself. Virtual audience members are mapped onto large grids so that the presenters can see their remote audience as well as an in-room audience on a hybrid event.

Why do I need to see & hear people in my virtual audience?

Have you ever presented from a live stage, walking on in silence and only seeing blank faces in front of you? If you have, you probably need to talk to us about supporting your live events as this isn’t what should happen with an engaged audience.

The issue with many virtual events is that this is exactly what presenters experience as they are simply staring at a camera to make a presentation. The result is often a perfectly executed presentation but without the energy a live audience brings to the mix. AllTogether.Live is here to solve this problem, bringing the virtual audience into view for the presenters so they can see and hear reactions, talk to individuals and make the virtual audience feel as though they are in the same room.

Is AllTogether.Live another virtual event platform?

In short, no. AllTogether.Live is a Virtual Audience Platform designed to allow remote attendees to join a virtual event with two way video & audio interactivity, to simulate the experience of being sat in the actual room watching the event. If an event needs all the bells and whistles that come with a virtual event platform, we can actually integrate AllTogether.Live into many platforms so the users get the best of both.

What privacy settings do the remote audience have?

Like with any online video tool, each person is able to turn their camera and microphone off if they wish. However, this does kind of defeat the object of a virtual audience if everyone logs in and then hides their camera. To get the most from using AllTogether.Live, virtual participants should be encouraged to keep their cameras and microphones turned on unless they need to temporarily disappear for privacy reasons.

What happens when someone turns off their camera?

When each virtual audience member logs on, they are asked to take a quick snap shot from their web camera to be used as a holding image should they blank their camera or lose connection.

Can individuals in the remote audience interact with the presenters on stage?

Absolutely. We think of this as a virtual microphone that can be thrown out to the virtual audience to ask a question or interact as if they were sat in the room. We have all the producer tools we need built in to allow us to manage this process without the need to ask people to unmute which could cause chaos with large audiences. We can either just use their audio or bring their camera live to the main presentation screen.

Can’t I just use Zoom to achieve the same thing?

No. Zoom is great at what it does and most of the functionality is automated or handed over the individual in the audience to manage. The issue with this is that it results in a really poor experience with the potential for multiple microphones to be live and people talking over each other. AllTogether.Live has been built from ground up with how live events are produced to deliver the best experience for the audience.

How much does AllTogether.Live cost?

The cost of AllTogether.Live is dependent on a number of factors such as audience size, event duration and how the virtual audience are to be presented in a live space. Get in contact to discuss your event requirements and we’ll be more than happy to provide a no-obligation quotation.