Hybrid events are the future

Events are no longer restricted by the four walls of a building with audiences now able to attend an event over the internet from anywhere in the world.
AllTogether.Live is a specialist virtual audience platform that connects live and remote audiences together in one space.

Bringing your live and virtual together

Don't let your virtual audience feel like they've got the cheap seats!
AllTogether.Live is a hybrid event support package capable of bringing together live and remote audiences together in one place.

We Are In Control

Great events are run by industry professionals who know exactly what they are doing.
AllTogether.Live has all the control functions needed to produce a slick and professional event with the ability to preview and talk with audience members at the click of a button.


AllTogether.Live is a virtual audience platform designed to bring live and remote audiences together in one place. Whether they’re sat in the audience or sat in the comfort of their own homes, AllTogether.Live allows everyone to interact in the same way creating a truly engaging live experience. AllTogether.Live is not just another virtual audience platform, it’s a fully managed and supported production solution to elevate hybrid events to a new level.

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Fully Customisable Grids

We can design and build audience grids to your design specification. The only limiation is your imagination

Producer Tools

The event Producer can talk directly with anyone in the audience at any time. This is really useful to prep individuals who are about to go live on the broadcast

Isolated audio

Audio is isoltated per audience member and we control when a microphone is "live"

We're in control

We control what the audience can see and hear so the remote views gets a customised mix of camera, video and graphic content




Using AllTogether.Live, presenters can see and engage with all members of the audience whether they are sat in the room or the otherside of the world. The virtual microphone function and interactive tools allow for everyone to participate in Q&A sessions.

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Bring award nominees and winners to screen with ease using AllTogether.Live. The in-built producer tools ensure a slick show.



Use the two way audio and video functionality to engage with individuals at a training event without asking individuals to manage their own camera or microphone controls.

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